The Butterfly Effect

A butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Texas. A tiny influence on one part of a system can have a huge affect on the whole system.

This is why one person can make a difference in this world. This is why it is important to act when an action needs to be taken. This is why it is important to find your voice and speak the truth. What you do matters!

Have you ever seen the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life“? George Bailey decides that he has brought ruin on everyone he knows and cares about. He decides to kill himself when an angel shows him what life would have like without him. He realizes he has made a difference – he did a lot of good.

We go through life without understanding the impact we have on others. We never know when a smile, a kind word, a compliment or words of praise can make a difference in how someone views themself. We never know when we may make a difference.

My dad says that three of kinds of people:

  1. People that care only about themselves.
  2. People who care about themselves and their families (this is the majority of people) and,
  3. People who care about the world and their communities.

He goes on to say that the people who care about the world and their communities are the difference makers, the world changers. They are the butterflies flapping their wings in South America and creating weather in Texas.


About leadershiprefined

I am a Hall-of-Fame winning sales manager with 24 years of experience in corporate America. My strength is building vibrant, high-performing teams.
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