My Year in a Photo



Maybe it’s not fair to post the same picture that appears on my website, but honestly, I spent a lot of time this year in self-reflection. I knew that I was not satisfied doing the same thing for my career, so I explored what I do want. I want to teach leader development so that companies can build cultures where employees are engaged, empowered and motivated. With all the downsizing and buy-outs, employees can become paranoid and cautious. I want people to have fun at work again.


About leadershiprefined

I am a Hall-of-Fame winning sales manager with 24 years of experience in corporate America. My strength is building vibrant, high-performing teams.
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3 Responses to My Year in a Photo

  1. Bonnie, Not only is your picture beautiful and alive, it also speaks volumes as to where you are in your life now. It has been great to be with you on part of your journey and I have personally experienced what a clear, smart, compassionate, fun and honest leader you are! Who knew the corporate world could be so fun? I’m ready to hop on your leadership train. Valentina

  2. Hi there, Bonnie! I just wanted to pop in and say “hello.” It’s so nice to finally put a face with a name. Have a joy-filled night! Thank you for being such an enormous blessing to our family.

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