My Best Decision This Year


The best decision I made this year was to go back to school and finish my Master’s Degree. My degree is in Leadership with a focus in Leader Development. I am excited to be back in school!!  I am a “leadership nerd”! I am learning new ways to approach situations. I am trying out different coaching model with my employees – Shhhhhh! don’t tell them! It’s a secret.  🙂

What I am learning the most is that there is no one process for every situation. There are principles that can be applied, but how you handle each individual situation has to be – well – individualized. Individualizing your approach makes each interaction meaningful and useful to both parties. Employees feel heard, seen and validated. And that is important. We all want to be heard, seen and validated. We all want to be understood.

So what is the best decision you made this year?


About leadershiprefined

I am a Hall-of-Fame winning sales manager with 24 years of experience in corporate America. My strength is building vibrant, high-performing teams.
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