My Clients

What people are saying about working with Bonnie…

If I were building a team of managers, Bonnie would be one I would want as part of my team. Bonnie challenges the status quo, ever striving for a better way to accomplish company goals. Intelligent, articulate, high energy, achiever are just a few descriptors that describe Bonnie.  – Jim C.

Bonnie, thank you for bringing the fun and fire to the room…and to the world. You are ready, dear one, to step onto that stage and change the way corporations treat their people. Thank God for you!   – Amy Ahlers, The Wake Up Call Coach and author of “The Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves”

Bonnie is an exceptional sales manager with a deep sense of focus and contagious enthusiasm. Everyone in her district thrives under Bonnie’s leadership.    – Mike G.

Bonnie has impressed me with the focus and clarity of what she wants out of life and her passion for making a difference in this world.  – Jim V.

Bonnie is very energetic and is able to inspire others to perform at a higher level.  – Dyson M.

Bonnie led her teams through challenging times, creating a track record of success. I admire her for many things, but one of her bigger achievements was earning the coveted Pfizer Hall of Fame.  – Ron B.

Bonnie has a good eye for talent and once hired, she trains and develops individuals on her team extremely well. Bonnie is a leader not only of her team but amongst her District Manager counterparts. Bonnie is an individual you want on your team – she has outstanding work ethic, integrity, product & market place knowledge – bottom line . . . she gets the job done. –  Steve R.



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