Handling Conflict With Grace

How to deal with conflict without breaking the relationship.

Do you have trouble dealing with conflict?
Do you try to avoid it?
Or do you hold the frustration you feel inside of yourself for so long that you explode, kind of like a tea kettle letting off steam after coming to a boil?

I invite you to download Handling Conflict by Bonnie Kiefer  – my free GIFT to you on Handling Conflict.

Avoiding conflict can hurt you. You suppress how you feel and you suppress a piece of you are. Even worse, when you avoid conflict, it usually comes back in another form.

And what about the exploding tea kettle? You feel better once you have released the pressure inside of you, but the person who got the brunt of that explosion may be injured. They get burned.

I can teach you techniques on how to deal with conflict in a way that allows trust and the relationship to continue. An assertive personality type is not required for this. You just need to have a heartfelt desire to remain true to yourself and to respect the person you are in conflict with.

Download Handling Conflict by Bonnie Kiefer  – my free GIFT to you.


Handling Conflict with Grace – How to Deal with Conflict without Breaking Trust.

Click here to listen to the recording:  LA3977 10102012173057086 1050624 rec001.freeconferencecalling.com

Download your FREE Gift on Handling Conflict with Grace!


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